I’ve known diabetes as a serious medical disease. What was peculiar and surprising to me was that people with this condition have very slow healing process of their wounds. Consequently, worst cases never heal at all. People with diabetes become extremely cautious with cuts and injury as such complication may arise. They must refrain from getting wounded because diabetes itself has no cure.

I have met several individuals in a path we call life. One or too many are those who struggle to forgive or at least forget. I suppose they held on to their pride because they once cared, loved and trusted so much. It gives me the impression that the way they were mistreated and those who treated them wrong has been embedded in their being. In line with this matter, college taught me that pain is subjective. People have different scales of tolerating pain or, in this context, offenses and hard hitting acts. For others letting go of the hurt can happen with least delays. Yet, for some an assault leaves an indelible mark. Every now and then when we glance on these marks it gives a painful reminder. A line in a song says “Time heals all wounds…” but gradually when it heals scars still leave a permanent damage.

I am convicted that diabetes may not only be medical but psychogenic too. Just like how diabetes transcends on the human body so too with the soul – a diabetes of the soul. For diabetic souls wounds have very slow healing process too similar to its medical nature. There are wounds that need an excessive length of time to recover because it cannot follow the normal timeline.  Some may take a short amount of time and some for a lifetime. Misdeed such as betrayal, backstabbing, gossips, bullying, a throw of insults, discrimination, psychological abuse, being cheated on, and the likes merits wound in a victim’s soul.  In its severity, just like diabetes some injuries never heal at all.

People having diabetes of the soul are people who hold so much grudges and struggled to let go. Then again, they once cared so much that the fall was hard to mitigate. People with this condition are everywhere – in the neighborhood, school, office, malls, and anywhere you can think of. I am writing this article not to reinforce perpetual grievances but instead as a diagnosis. This is serious because it consumes our soul’s intricacies, it’s a disease! Maya Angelou once said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”. From this, we are reminded of two things; first is that we be cautious on our acts to others which lasts in feelings. Second, that you may be aware that you may not have forgotten something which you must forget to attain a peaceful life (forgiveness). How often do you dwell and visit that feeling? I’m referring to that painful one. How long has the wound been there? How is the process of healing going? Any improvements?

Health is more than just not being medically sick. But in the likes of medical diabetes, is diabetes of the soul incurable too?


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