Hate can mask feelings that we are truly unaware of or least conscious about. It can take several means which can go from subtle to blatant. Perhaps a more old school feel of conveying hate is seen in bullying. Basically, in old school bullies there is this bluster messing up the lives of other students. On one hand, a cyber flock of bashers predominate the modern era of the online community armed in their destructive and negative commentaries. Often, bashers adopt anonymity to strike a renowned prey – celebrities or persons with elevated profiles. Bashing may appear juvenile but with combined numbers they can burrow a victim’s esteem. There are extremities out there made of hard hitting and downgrading comments with the vilest intention just to pull that person from the social ladder. As per bullies, bashers, and whosoever with this common denominator, too often they hate and hit on others.

Back when I was in college taking up my degree in psychology I’ve found that the abovementioned descriptions is best encapsulated in a concept called “depreciation”.  Depreciation, a term from Alfred Adler’s personality theory, is a human response to protect the self against, but is not limited to, esteem threats. Esteem threats could be threats as simple as someone joining your group who is more likeable than you are to personas that are more accomplished than what you’ve done – more famous, more attractive, more skillful, more prestigious, richer, smarter, and the likes. Depreciation as an aggressive tendency urges the act of undervaluing the greater accomplishments of others in turn to elevate one’s own. It’s a way to make the person feel more favorable over to those they can compare themselves. Now, at severe costs many inclined to habitually displace their aggression to high profiled personalities in order to subconsciously subside one’s own insecurity. Thus, hating manifested in verbal, physical, and virtual means utmost merits for the label- depreciation. Hating and hitting is a reflection of a constant battle of a hater’s self-esteem. The more an individual hates on others the more it reveals the implication that some personal needs are not sufficed.  These needs could include, but is not limited to, wanting to be more confident, more affluent, more loved, more attended, more admired, to be prettier, smarter, and whatnot.  Whoever can overtake them in that particular need will become their target. In other words, the player is the hater the dart is the hate and their aim is to hit on that too damn awesome person in order to gratify and  their need. If a person’s self-esteem is well built it is then needless to be depreciative.

All the more, we all have our share of haters and so are the rest of the billions of people on this planet.  Unfortunately, it was never reported in history that hate compensated whatever was lacking on poor well-being. But by far, if ever you’re thinking on hating and hitting on someone then better check your motives. Better yet, interrogate a much deeper layer why you came to feel that way. Truth be told, hate is the common cloak of insecurity.


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